Fishing Report July 22nd, 2014


Overview:  Recent rains have brought back cooler water temperatures and elevated flows to Pisgah area trout streams.  The cool temps and extra water have made for good trout fishing throughout the day and have eliminated the necessity of fishing at dawn.  However, lots of water in the upper drainages means that the French Broad bass and musky angling is back on a long hiatus.


Davidson River:  The “Big D” is currently juicy and green.  Extra water is never a bad thing on the Davidson in summer, and it can make for some great nymph fishing opportunities in riffles that seemed “fishless” just a week ago.  Hatchery anglers will enjoy the extra water as well, with 6x coming back into the line up as a good choice for tippet sizing.  Anglers should remember that just because the water is spring like, that doesn’t mean the fly patterns will be.  Sticking to terrestrials, stoneflies, and midges is still the best way to win over Davdison River trout.

Fly Patterns:  Stimulators 14-18, Yellow Sallies 16-18,  Fat Alberts 10-12, Inchworms 12-16, Trip Savers 14-16, Memory Makers 12-14,  Fox Squirrel Nymphs 16-18, Disco Beetles 14, Kiwi Beetles 12-16, Pure Midge 18-24, Tube Midge 20-24, RS2’s 20-24


Wild Trout:  The Blue Lines are currently pumping plenty of cool water out of the mountains making for great wild trout fishing.  Anglers headed up to fish steep, high elevation streams should be vigilant concerning water levels and afternoon rain storms.  Steep river beds make for tricky wading at low water and can prove deadly when flooded.  Checking weather reports and water levels before venturing out into the back country is key.   

Fly Patterns:  Foam PMX’s 12, Dave’s Hopper 12,  Inchworms 12-14, Transparants 14, Stimulators 14-16, Lightning Bugs 12-14, Fox Squirrel Nymphs 14-18, BH Prince Nymphs 14-18


Smallmouth:  Not much to report on the French Broad.  High water has once again virtually shut down the bass fishing on the French Broad.  Anglers will find some limited opportunities around creek mouths and in the soft water.  Stripping large profile flies at a painfully slow pace is ticket to eeking out a few fish.

Fly Patterns: ,Cone Head Wooly Buggers 4-6, Catch Em All’s 6, Meat Whistles 1/0, Zonkers 2,4,6