Fishing Report October 14th, 2014


Overview:   Fall is here once again, bringing cooler water and the beginning of Delayed Harvest season back to Western North Carolina.  Streamflows have been on the low side in our area, but this week’s rain should bring some much needed water back to our trout streams.  Fishing on the freshly stocked DH streams has been reported as being good, while the Davidson and other wild trout streams have been slow due to the low water.


Davidson River:  The Davidson River has been low and clear.  Long leaders with light fluorocarbon tippets are a must, and any leader shorter than 10 feet is too short.  Despite the lower water levels of the past few weeks, good fishing can still be found by concentrating on faster riffles and avoiding the obvious “fishing holes”.  Anglers should be aware that afternoon breezes choke the river with leaves at an alarming rate.  Fishing can be good amongst the leaf fall, but being successful will require anglers to put patience above all other skills.


Fly Patterns: Parachute Adams 18-22, Elk Hair Caddis 18-20,  Cream Midge 22-26, Zebra Midge 20-24, RS2 20-24, Tube Midge 20-22, Rainbow Warriors 18-20.


Delayed Harvest Streams:  Delayed Harvest is in full swing and the fishing has been good.  The East Fork is seeing high angler traffic, but everyone has been finding some water to successfully fish.  There have also been reports of good fishing from the North Mills River and from the Tuckaseegee.  Dries, dries with droppers, and nymph rigs have all been effective set ups for taking fish.  Swing by the shop for the latest stocking schedule and the hottest flies.


Fly Patterns:  Elk Hair Caddis 12-16, Stimulators 12-16, Copper Johns 14-16, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ears 14-16, Fox Squirrel Nymphs 12-16, Trip Saver’s 14-16, Memory Maker’s 14-16, San Juan Worms 12, Glo Bugs 14.


Wild Trout:  Fishing for wild trout in our small streams has been tougher with the low water of the last few weeks.  However, fish are still being caught with a stealthy approach and scaled down flies and tippets.  Anglers looking for fall colors, and colorful brook trout, should explore the Pigeon River drainages over the next week.  Leaves should be near peak at higher elevations, and the Brookies will be brilliantly colored for spawning.


Fly Patterns:  Elk Hair Caddis 14-18, Parachute Adams 14-18, Pheasant Tails 16-18, Hare’s Ears 14-18, Lightning Bugs 16-18, Squirmy Wormies 12