Fishing Report September 3, 2014

Overview:  A hot and dry late summer have left area trout streams low and very clear.  Anglers looking to target trout in lower elevation streams should stick to fishing during the morning hours and let the fish rest in the afternoon.  For all day endeavors, anglers should try exploring higher elevation trout streams that remain cool throughout the afternoon swelter.


Davidson River:  The Davidson is low and clear.  Big D trout are still very catchable in the morning hours despite the low water.  Now is the time to embrace 7x fluorocarbon as your standard tippet size and midges as your standard fly pattern.  For the dry fly angler, there is also a little terrestrial action to be had in the shade, and a foam “critter” makes a much better strike indicator for those aforementioned midges than does a Thingamabobber.

Fly Patterns:  Stimulators 14-18,  Fat Alberts 10-12, Disco Beetles 14, Kiwi Beetles 12-16, Flying Ants 14-16, Pure Midge 18-24, Tube Midge 20-24, RS2’s 20-24, Cream Midge 22-26, Zebra Midge 22-26


Wild Trout:  Wild trout fishing has been pretty good despite the low water.  Longer leaders and lighter tippets are required here too.  For small stream fishing, 6x tippet should do the trick and is a little friendlier in the brush.

Fly Patterns:  Foam PMX’s 12, Dave’s Hopper 12, Gorilla Hopper 10,  Flying Ants 14-16, Transparants 14, Stimulators 14-16, Lightning Bugs 16-18, Black Copper Johns 18, Zebra Midge 18


Smallmouth:  Smallmouth fishing on the French Broad has been good.  There have been some afternoon storms, but the mud has been clearing fairly quickly.  Look for fish in pockets behind ledges and in deeper runs with large boulders.  Great wading opportunities can be found from Long Shoals to Bent Creek and along Riverside Drive north of Asheville.

Fly Patterns: Clouser Minnows 2-6 , Craft Minnows 2, Near Nuff Crayfish 4, Zonkers 4