Local Stream Report

March 3rd, 2021

Spring like weather, and newly stocked Delayed Harvest streams are making for a pretty darn good kick off to March.  Afternoon hatches should become more frequent as temperatures stabablize over rest of the week.  


The water is clear, and a perfect level.  Sight fishing is certainly possible, but anglers should use their Ninja skills when approaching the water.  There are hatches of small insects almost daily.  Micro Caddis, Blue Wing Olive Mayflies, a few Quill Mayflies, and tiny Winter Stoneflies are the featured flyers.  Of course, there are the ever present midges, that are smaller than they appear. Size 20's are on the large side for fly choices.  Bring your 7x-8x tippet, a box of your best small dries, and some tissues to cry into when the fish decide they don't like something about your presentation.

Wild Trout

Exploring wild trout streams in late winter can be a fun endeavor, even though the catching could be iffy in all, but the afternoon hours.  With some USFS roads gated for freeze/thaw, those willing to put in the effort will find few humans in the backcountry.

Delayed Harvest

NC Delayed Harvest streams are currently being stocked, and fishing should be good in most of our area's streams by the weekend.  Good etiquette goes a long way when it comes to fishing.  This applies to both on, and off, the water.  Be sure to give other anglers plenty of space, and be extra respectful when parking along the river.  Creating your own parking space, and leaving muddy ruts is a major no no.  


The French Broad is currently sorta fishable.  There is lots of woody debris in the river, so use caution while floating.  You'll never catch anything without putting flies in the water, so bundle up and give it a go.  

A guide is the best way to learn

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Flies to Try

Parachute Adams 16-18, Quill Gordon 18-20, Blue Quill 18-20, Blue Wing Olive 18-22, Cream Midge 22-24, Elk Hair Caddis 16-20, Squirmy Worm 12-16, Chubby Chernobyl 12-16, Cream Midge 22-26, Lightning Bug 16-18, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail 18-20, Tungsten Parrott 16-18, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Memory Maker 16-18, Trip Saver 14-16, Girdle Bug 8-12, Yuba Pupa 14-16, Glo Bug 10-14, Zebra Midge 18-20, RS2 20-22, Wooly Bugger 6-10, Slumpbuster 6-10 

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