5 Tips For Staying Warm on the River

  1. Dress in layers. this way you can take layers off as the day gets warmer and you will still be warm in the am.
  2. Wear fleece or wool. that way if you get wet they will retain your warmth.
  3. Always carry matches or a device to start a fire. I typically carry a railroad flare, even when wet it can start a fire. If you fall in the winter you have roughly half as long as the water temperature before hypothermia sets in. So if you or your fishing partner falls in, get out on the bank, start a fire to stay warm, and dry your clothes.
  4. Keep you head and hands warm. Most of the body’s heat is lost through the head, so wear a toboggan, watch cap, or Elmer Fudd Hat (bombers hat). Use fleece or wool gloves with only the fingers that you need to use cut out. Most people leave the stream because their hands are cold, a little preventative measure will enable you to fish that much longer!
  5. Keep your feet warm. wear heavy wool or fleece socks under neoprene boots, but be sure that they wick moisture away from your feet. If not, the moisture will make your feet cold. Also be sure to wear loose fitting boots, boots that are too tight will cut off the circulation to your feet resulting in cold feet.