Clouser's Foxee Red Minnow

If we had to choose one streamer to fish for trout with anywhere in the world, this would be it. Tied from Red Fox Tail, this streamer has very realistic life in the water and a classic jigging motion that fish find irresistible.

Hook:  DRO Guide Series 7042 #6 or Equal

Thread:  6/0 Camel Uni Thread or similar

Eyes:  X-Small Lead Dumbbell eyes painted red with black pupils

Flash:  Gold Krystal Flash and Bronze Flashabou

Underwing:  Red Fox Tail

Overwing:  Red Fox Tail


Step one:  Place hook in vise and wind thread to a point 1/3 of the way down the shank behind the eye of the hook.  Build a small ball of thread at this point.  Move thread forward approximately one eight of an inch and build a second small ball of thread.  Place the lead eye in this cradle and secure the eyes to the hook with x raps and under wraps until the eyes are securely fastened to the hook.

Step two:  Clip a small amount of red fox tail from the lower 1/3 of the tail.  Remove underfur with a comb and tie the fur to the hook in front of the eyes and clip off excess.  Wrap over the fur keeping it on top of hook shank until you reach a point approximately 2/3 of the ways down the hook shank from the eye of the hook.

Step three:  Turn fly upside down in vise (or rotate vies) with the thread back in front of the eye tie in 3 to 4 strands each of Gold Krystal Flash and Bronze Flashabou.  Once secured in front of eye make a couple of wraps directly behind eyes and bring thread to front of eyes.

Step Four:  Clip another small clump of red fox tail and remove under fur with a comb.  Tie in in front of lead eyes and behind the hook eye.  Clip off excess fur and build a small thread head.  Whip finish and cement.  Ready to go!!