Five Tips for Picking the Right Destination Trip

  1. How long have I wanted to fish this particular area? Have I wanted to fish other areas longer and I am going here because of my buddy or a great deal? If it is a great deal really examine all of the details and ask lots of questions. You do not want to go to the Bahamas in Hurricane season. (I once had a buddy who fished in Alaska for a week in flood conditions to catch one fish.)
  2. Does the outfitter or guide have a back up plan? Should the weather or fishing turn bad are you going to be setting in a lodge playing cards for 5 days or has your guide had the foresight to make alternate plans.
  3. Has the guide or outfitter done this trip before? If so, ask for references and see what other people say about their operation. If they have done this trip before, can they provide you with a list of reasonable equipment you will need. If they provide equipment, what kind do they provide and what do the former clients say about the quality of the gear. You do not want to loose the fish of a lifetime because of bad or insufficient gear.
  4. What time of year is best for the type of fishing that you want to do? If you want to hopper fish in Montana then you do not want to be there in October when there is nothing but streamer fishing. A good deal for the money may be a bad deal for what you are going for.
  5. Talk with others who have fished in the region. What do they say about the time of year you are going and what concerns do they have. Would they take the trip you are thinking of?

I make at least two, if not more, destination trips each year. I have made a lot of friends in a lot of places around the world. Two of the most economical trips that you can do are Canada for smallmouth and Northern Pike and Montana for trout. In Canada I have used the same outfitters for 10 years. They are fabulous! You can find their information at If you want to head to Montana we are offering a trip in September. For other times of the year I recommend that you talk with Ed Williams at the Odell Creek Fly Shop. You can reach Ed at