Five Tips for Traveling

  1. Don’t put all of you goodies in one bag. You should pack your tackle in two different bags so that if one gets lost then you still have part of your gear.
  2. Don’t let your gear out of your sight. There are a lot of items that you cannot carry with you on the plane, such as flies, forceps, nippers, etc. But you can carry your reels and rods on the plane with you. I recommend that carry at least one rod and reel set up, your rain coat, and a change of clothes with you. This way you can layer up and stay warm and still have a rod to fish with while you wait.
  3. Disguise your gear. For the most part there is not the theft by airline employees that there once was but, it does unfortunately still happen or the guy hanging around baggage claim recognizes that it is a tackle box and snags it. So I pack all of my gear in with my clothes in zip lock bags and use a soft sided tackle bag to carry all of my gear once at my location. That way no one other than me knows that the bag is full of expensive fishing tackle.
  4. Know what you can and cannot carry on the plane. I often see people try and carry flies or lures on the plane. Since they allow no sharp objects on the plane, do not try to carry them on, or anything else that may be controversial. They will make you go back to the counter, place it in a small box, and check that in as luggage. Then you are likely not see them again, as the smaller boxes get lost the easiest.
  5. Take only what you need. Don’t carry a lot of extra tackle that you may not need. That way you do not run the risk of having it stolen or lost. Check first with a shop at your destination as to what gear is essential.