How to Tie a Zebra Midge

A long time staple of most fly anglers, the simple Zebra midge is the best caddis pupa imitation any angler can have in their box, and one of the simplest to tie.


Hook: DRO Guide Series 7051 size 16-24 or equal

Bead:  Tungsten bead to match hook size in desire color

Thread: UTC 140 denier thread in desired color

Wire:  X small wire in desired color

Tying Directions

Step One:  Place bead on  hook and then place hook in vice.  Start thread on hook in middle of hook.

Step Two:  Take a 6 inch piece of wire and lay tip on hook the thread in. Wrap thread toward the barb of the hook while securing wire to the hook.

Step three:  Once you get half way from down the bend of the with the thread begin wrapping it back forward and build a tapered body all the way up to behind the bead.  Wrap wire forward leaving gaps in between wraps.  Tie off wire and clip excess.  Whip finish and add head cement to entire fly to make it more durable.