Howell's Trip Saver


Hook:  Mustad 9671 or equal

Bead:  Black Tungsten to match hook size

Thread:  Black 6/0 Veevus

Legs:  X small brown rubber

Rib: X-Small

Flash: Pearl Midge Krystal Flash

Hackle:  Partridge Soft Hackle

Collar:  Black UV Ice Dub

Abdomen:  Whitlock’s SLF Red Fox Squirrel Thorax Dubbing


Step One:  Place bead on hook and place hook in vice.  With Bead in the center of the hook take a small piece of x-small rubber fold into a V  with the legs hanging forward tie down to the hook.  Separate the legs with a cross wrap.  Tie off the thread and excess rubber legs and cut thread.

Step Two:  Slide bead forward and over the point where the legs are tied on the hook.  Start thread in middle of hook and wrap to the back of the hook directly above the barb.  Tie in another set of legs same as the first with the legs hanging back off the hook. Now tie in a piece of x-small pearl tinsel.

Step Three:  With the Thread directly above the barb touch dub the thread with enough dubbing to build a tapered body a point 2/3 of the way up the hook shank.  Build the tapered body with dubbing to the 2/3 point of the hook shank.  Rid with pearl tinsel to end of body tie off and clip excess tinsel. 

Step Four:  Take four small strands of pearl midge flash and tie in so they lay down the near side of the body for about half of the body length.  Fold the remaining flash down the opposite side of the hook and clip until it is equal to the side closest to you. 

Step Five:  At same point the flash is tied in tie in a partridge feather by the tip, make two wraps of the partridge feather and tie it down and clip off excess.

Step six:  Using the touch dub method apply some Black UV Ice Dub to the thread and build a small collar directly behind the bead.  Tie off fly, clip thread, cement and go fishing.