Kevin's Clipped Caddis

The clipped caddis was developed on the banks of the famous Madison river in the 1980’s. This pattern has been adapted to be super effective wherever caddis are found in the world. 

Fly Recipe:

Hook:  DRO 7010  Size 12-18

Thread:  Tan or Light Cahill  6/0 Uni Thread

Abdomen:  Ginger or Tan Rabbit dubbing

Hackle:  Grizzly and Brown Saddle Hackle no wider than gap of the hook

Wing:  Dark Elk

How to tie:

Step 1:  Tie thread on hook and wind thread to back of hook just above the barb.  Tie in grizzly hackle.

Step 2:  Touch dub the tan or ginger dubbing to the thread.  Build the dubbed abdomen to a point 2/3 of the way up the hook.  Wrap grizzly hackle forward leaving about 1/16” of a gap between wraps.  Tie off hackle and clip excess.

Step 3:  Half hitch the thread; remove fly from vise and clip off the grizzly hackle bard allowing them to extend about 1/8” beyond the dubbed body.  Replace the fly in vice.

Step 4: Clip small amount of dark elk, remove underfur and stack the elk hair.  Tie elk hair in at front of the abdomen.  Clip off excess hair.

Step 5:  Tie in brown and grizzly hackle and wrap forward to eye.  Tie off hackle and build small thread head.  Cement fly head and go fishing.