Parachute Blue Wing Olive

This is the standard by which all fall dry flies are measured. BWO's can be found almost every cloudy day in the fall of the year. Never leave homje without one, and smaller is better.


Hook:  DRO 7010 14-24 or equal

Thread Olive 6/0 Veevus

Tail: Medium Dun Hackle Fibers

Parachute:  Calf Body Hair typically white but can be different colors

Body:  Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing BWO

Hackle:  Light to dark dun Whiting Saddle Hackle


Step 1:  Place hook in vise start thread in middle of hook shank.  Tie in 6-8 Medium dun hackle fibers extending off of the rear of hook.  Fibers should extend one to one and half times the length of the hook shank.  Once tied in wind thread toward rear of hook securing fibers wraps should get looser as you approach rear of hook to avoid flaring the hackle fibers.  Stop thread right above bard on hook.

Step 2:  Wrap thread back up hook shank until you are one-third of the way behind the eye of the hook.  Take a small clump of calf body hair, remove under fur, tie in calf body hair, clip with tips extending forward over hook eye.  Clip off excess hair and secure the hair to the hook shank.  Take thread back to tie in point, hold hair 90 degrees to hook shank and wrap around the base of the hair and secure back to the hook shank once in place drop a small drop of head cement on base of parachute, this will make it easier to hackle once you go to hackle the fly.

Step 3:  Move thread back to rear of hook using a touch dub method.  Use a small amount of dubbing; it is easier to add more dubbing than to pull the dubbing off the thread.  Build a dubbed body by winding thread with dubbing forward, body sure get slightly larger as you move forward, body should stop just behind the parachute.

Step 4:  Choose a Dun colored dry fly saddle feather matched to the same size as the hook gap.  Remove 4-5 hackle barbs on front of feather exposing the stem.  Tie the feather in on top of the hook shank with the concave side facing down.  Add a very small amount of dubbing to thread and finish the body by wrapping under the parachute post and to just behind the eye of the hook.

Step 5:  Wrap hackle around the parachute.  Note for best results start the hackle as high on the post as you are going to hackle and make each consecutive wrap under the last until you desired amount of hackle on the parachute.  Tie off the hackle on top of the hook shank at the eye of the hook, clip off excess and save for next fly.  Build a small thread head, whip finish and cement the thread.