The Patriot


Hook DRO Guide Series 7010 size 12-18 or equal

Thread  Red Veevus 6/0

Tail:  4-6 Fibers off of a pheasant tail

Body:  Red and Blue ice dub

Wing:  White Calftail

Hackle:  Brown Dry Fly Hackle to match hook size


Step 1.  Place hook in vise and start thread on hook in the middle of the hook.

Step 2.  Tie in pheasant tail fibers with the tip of the fiber extending one to one and half lengths of the hook shank off the back of the hook.  Secure the fibers by wrapping the thread over them and to the rear of the hook just above the bard of the hook.  Clip off excess of material.  Bring thread back to point one third of the hook shank behind the eye of the hook.

Step 3.  Clip a small amount of white calftail remove under fur and place in a stacker with the tips to the bottom.  Stack the hair, remove from stacker and tie in where thread is located the stacked tips of the calftail should extend forward over the eye of the hook.  Tie the calftail down and clip off excess on hook shank.  Finish securing in place with additional thread wraps. 

Step 4.  Divide the calftail in half and wrap around the base of each clump while standing them upright secure in place with x wraps.

Step 5.  Bring thread to rear of hook.  Touch dub a very small amount of blue ice dub, make two to three turns of dubbing to build a small ball of blue dubbing on the back of hook.  Move slightly forward and repeat the process with red ice dub.  Move slightly forward and make one more pass of blue ice dub.  At this point the thread should be behind the wings with a small amount of space left before reaching the wing.

Step 6.  Tie in a Brown saddle feather to match the hook size.  Bring thread forward to eye of hook.  Wrap feather forward until you reach the thread located at the eye.  You should have equal number of wraps of hackle in front of and behind the wing.  Tie off feather and clip off excess and save for the next fly.  Build a small thread head and tie off thread and cement fly.