Tying the Blood Dot

The Blood Dot was developed by Jeff Blood for steelhead fishing around the waters of Erie, Pennsylvania. We have found this egg pattern to be super effective locally, especially in the fall during delayed harvest season.

Materials Needed:

Hook: DRO 7051 Size 10-16

Thread: Danville Fluorescent tying thread to match dot color

Material:  Egg Yarn of desired color, use a contrasting color to form dot


Step 1:  Place hook in vise and start tying thread in middle of the hook and wind it to the rear of the hook just above the barb.

Step 2:  Take a length of primary egg yarn and separate into three equal strands (this is for a size 14-16 fly use more yarn for larger sizes).  Tie one of the strands onto the hook and let it hang straight off the rear of the hook.

Step 3:  Wind thread slightly forward pull yarn over the back of the hook and then push slightly back creating a small hump of yarn.  Tie yarn down to the hook and wind thread forward and repeat the process, creating a slightly higher hump.  Tie off original yarn but do not cut it off. 

Step 4:  Take alternating color of yarn and spate into four equal strands.  Tie in one of the four strands create a small hump same as in steps 2 and 3 tie yarn off in same place as tied in and clip off excess. 

Step 5:  Wind thread slightly forward.  Using original yarn color, create another hump of yarn in front of the egg sack.  Repeat step 3 until you reach the eye.  Tie off yarn and clip excess.  Note on a size 16 you normally get two humps behind the dot and one in front of the dot.

Step 6:  Go catch a big one.