Tying the Sparkle Minnow

While it looks like a flashy Christmas ornament the sparkle minnow is one of our top streamers.  Not only is effective on trout but it is one of our go to bass streamers as well.

Tying Instructions:


Hook:  Mustad 79580 #6 or equal

Thread:  6/0 Veevus color to match fly body

Bead:  Gold Brass or Tungsten to match hook size

Tail:  White Marabou or desired color

Flash:  Pearl Krystal Flash

Body:  Sparkle Minnow Body Brush Pearl or desired color.


Tying Directions

Step 1.  Place bead on hook.  Place hook in vice and start thread at the midpoint on the hook. 

Step 2.  Move thread to a point directly above the hook barb.  Tie in 6-8 strands of Pearl Krystal flash hanging off the back of the hook.  Now tie in white marabou at the same point and surrounding the Krystal Flash.  (Note:  If you clip marabou off of the side of select marabou plumes then your fly will have a much better swimming action.  Also less marabou makes a better swimming action as opposed to thick heavy clump.)

Step3.  Tie in a Sparkle Minnow Body Brush in Pearl Color.  Move thread to a point just behind the bead.  Now wrap the Body Brush up to behind the bead and tie off.  Know whip finish and clip thread.  Glue fly and go fishing.  (Note:  If you do not have  access to the Sparkle Minnow Body Brushes then you can make your own using Lite-Brite or Wing-N-Flash material.)