What is Tenkara?

Tenkara is a traditional Japanese method of fly fishing. A simple and effective way to fly fish the mountain streams of Southern Appalachia. A rod, line and fly are all that is used, NO REEL. The appeal of Tenkara is its elegant simplicity. There are also other advantages of using the long Tenkara rods when fishing in mountain streams, primarily the lightness of the line and delicate presentation. A long rod allows for precise placement of the fly on small pools and allows for manipulating the fly on the water.

Tenkara is quickly becoming a favorite fishing method of minimalist and backpackers.

New to fly fishing, Tenkara is an easy and less complicated way to start. Not so new to fly fishing, Tenkara is a new challenge and method that will broaden your skill set.

Tenkara Basic:  half day
This class will teach you the basic of Tenkara. You will learn how to rig up a Tenkara rod, learn the knots needed to attach line to the rod and the fly, the casting stroke, playing and landing fish, and basic Tenkara fishing methods.

Tenkara Sniper: half day
This class will take what you learned in Tenkara Basic to the next level. You will cover Tenkara methods in more depth, different casting strokes, the one fly approach, and more on the water time.

Tenkara one fly approach
This class will concentrate on using one fly with the goal to manipulate the fly to entice a strike rather than matching the hatch.

Tenkara Half Day Trips:                
$220 for 1 angler
 $295 for 2 anglers