Davidson River Fishing Report

Stream Report / June 1st, 2021


Davidson River Fly Fishing Report

Updates from June 2021
Water levels are up, but all the streams are very fishable.  Hatches have been occuring on most of our local rivers each day, once the sun warms the water a bit.  DH streams are stocked up, and fishing is good.


DAVIDSON River Stream Conditions

The Davidson is currently flowing slightly higher than normal.  Anglers should use caution while wading, and avoid fast water above downed trees.  As the water drops over the course of the week, there should be some good dry fly fishing to be had during the mid day hours.  Look for Quills, Caddis, and some early Stoneflies.  Anglers should also be advised that the tourist swimming sessions have begun about two months earlier than normal.  Do not be surprised to find your favorite easy access pool filled with laughing kids having a good time.  Don't worry, there is still plenty of great water out there to fish, and everyone deserves to have their shot at fun, fishing, or otherwise.

Wild Trout

Wild trout fishing is good.  Spring is a really nice time to explore our more remote small streams.  For those who enjoy wildflowers, the next few weeks are prime time to double down on flower finding and fly flicking.  

Delayed Harvest

NC Delayed Harvest streams are stocked up and fishing well.  Good etiquette goes a long way when it comes to fishing.  This applies to both on, and off, the water.  Be sure to give other anglers plenty of space, and be extra respectful when parking along the river.  Creating your own parking space, and leaving muddy ruts is a major no no.  


The French Broad is out of commission for a bit until the weather dries out for at least a week.  Muskies are hungry critters post spawn.  Once the water drops a tad, the next few weeks could be good for resuming the quest.

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Flies to Try

Parachute Adams 16-18, Quill Gordon 18-20, Blue Quill 18-20, Red Quill 14-16, March Brown 12-1,Yellow Sally 16-18, Cream Midge 22-24, Elk Hair Caddis 16-20, Squirmy Worm 12-16, Chubby Chernobyl 12-16, Cream Midge 22-26, Lightning Bug 16-18, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail 18-20, Tungsten Parrott 16-18, Rainbow Warrior 16-20, Memory Maker 16-18, Trip Saver 14-16, Girdle Bug 8-12, Yuba Pupa 14-16, Glo Bug 10-14, Zebra Midge 18-20, RS2 20-22, Wooly Bugger 6-10, Slumpbuster 6-10 

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What's biting in Western North Carolina?

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